The Coalition for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees (CDMIR) was founded between January-March 2017 through the joint effort of the Immigrants Integration Research and Documentation Center (part of the Romanian Health Promotion Association) and Center for Public Innovation.  The creation and activity of the Coalition is supported through two projects:

  • “Development of a network of NGOs active in the field of migration (EMINET)”, co-funded under the Swiss financial contribution 
  • “The National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM). Measuring and improving integration of beneficiaries of international protection”, co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, as well as by the Open Society Institute in cooperation with Open Society Initiative for Europe.


CDMIR’s mission is to promote and coordinate advocacy initiatives, to monitor their effects, to interact with policy-makers and to influence, in a fair and transparent manner, migration related public policies.


CDMIR was founded by 11 non-governmental organizations  in the field of migration, human rights and public policy advocacy. Beside the Coalition members, CDMIR also has supporters.


CDMIR’s main objectives are:

  • To facilitate the access to fundamental rights for migrants and refugees residing in Romania by adjusting contradictory provisions of the national legislation, as well as to improve the legal framework and practices according to the principles of social justice
  • To improve the image of migrants and refugees in the public space through a unified communication campaign

The Coalition provides support to its members at the national level in implementing advocacy campaigns and activities in the field of migration and integration. We value cooperation and aim to strengthen cooperation in the field of migration policy by better communicating our actions and by coordinating efforts at national and/or European level.


CDMIR’s activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Drafting position papers on migration and integration practices, legislation and policies aimed to improve malfunctions;
  • Organizing information/training sessions, seminars, conferences, events in order to inform the public about (sensitive) migration issues;
  • Initiating and hosting debates, including public, on migration and integration topics;
  • Participation to governmental and non-governmental events related to migration;
  • Contributing to the improvement of the quality of data regarding migrants and refugees collected by national and European institutions;
  • Press monitoring in the field of migration.


În anul 2017 Coaliția pentru Drepturile Migranților și Refugiaților a fost finanțată printr-un grant din partea Elveţiei prin intermediul Contribuţiei Elveţiene pentru Uniunea Europeană extinsă. Începând cu anul 2018, CDMiR este susținută prin intermediul proiectului NIEM- National Integration Evaluation Mechanism. Measuring and improving integration of beneficiaries of international protection, finanțat prin Fondul European pentru Migrație și Azil, co-finanțat de Open Society Foundations.

Pentru mai multe informații despre Programul de Cooperare Elvețiano-Român, accesați www.swiss-contribution.ro, www.swiss-contribution.admin.ch/romania.

Detalii despre proiectul NIEM sunt disponibile pe www.forintegration.eu.

Acest website nu reflectă neapărat poziția oficială a guvernului elvețian, a Comisiei Europene, sau a Open Society Foundations.

Responsabilitatea pentru conținutul acestuia este asumată în întregime de Centrul de Documentare şi Cercetare în Domeniul Integrării Imigranţilor și de Centrul pentru Inovare Publică.